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By: Digital Media Island  05/12/2011

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The Digital Media Forum would like to invite you to attend an event on September 16th, at 7:00 pm in the Odessa Club, 13 Dame Court, Dublin 2 to meet Trina Vargo, president of the US-Ireland Alliance to discuss the Alliance’s annual event in Hollywood called Oscar Wilde:  Honoring the Irish in Film. 

Trina would like to learn if people in the Digital Media industry are interested in (1) supporting and attending this event and (2) expanding the event beyond it’s current scope.

This is an ideal opportunity for Digital Media companies who wish to network within the entertainment industry in the US.

More info on the Oscar Wilde event:

Three years ago the Alliance started this an annual event in Los Angeles (the Thursday before the Academy Awards).  In the first year, they honored Jim Sheridan, Neil Jordan, and David Holmes.  Last year: Van Morrison, Terry George and Bill Monahan (who won the Oscar three nights later for The Departed). In February, we honored James L. Brooks, Fiona Shaw and Colm Meaney. Duke Special and Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova performed (Glen and Marketa also won a few nights later).
The easiest way to get a sense of the event is to look at these couple of minutes of video highlights at:
Stories and photos from the events are at these links:

The purpose of the event has been to:

1. honor the Irish in film;

2. create a networking event for people in the film industries in Ireland and the US;

3. be the Irish party on the Thursday before the Academy Awards.

Sponsors are provided with branding opportunities and tickets to an exclusive event that is by invitation only.

Last year, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter competed to be the media partner for this event.  Trina recently returned from Los Angeles and Variety said it would like to be the media sponsor again.
There are 350-400 guests — invitation only — film execs, financiers, writers, directors, producers, actors, press, corporate executives sponsors and their guests.   Guests have included years included Al Pacino; Jodie Foster; Anjelica Huston; Dick Cook, Chairman of the Walt Disney Studios; Mark Burnett & Roma Downey; Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend; JJ Abrams, Hans Zimmer, Orlando Bloom; Terrence Howard; Daryl Hannah; Colm Meaney; Rachel Griffiths; multi-Grammy Award winning music producer David Foster; Jeffrey Caine, nominated for an Academy Award® for screenwriting The Constant Gardener, Academy Award® winner Martin McDonagh; Samantha Mumba; Damien Rice; and David Friendly, Oscar-nominated producer of Little Miss Sunshine.

Casual event.  No boring, black-tie, sit-down dinner where guests are trapped between two people all night.  Celebs walk the ‘green’ carpet while other guests arrive for a reception. Everyone goes to one room for the presentation part of the program, which is kept to about ∏ hour.  Then everyone mingles through a couple of rooms and a courtyard.  There is a performance period and food and drinks are served throughout the evening. 

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