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By: Dial-a-vid  05/12/2011

According to HP Developer Relations Exec Peter Helm, the next HP smartphones and tablets – - Tipsheet as “similar to iPad” – - is now managing its membership WebOS Palm OS HP tablet. so far is rumored to come in the first quarter of 2010, while the vice president and CTO of HP’s Phil McKinney said that the tablet can be released at any time “in early 2011.”

HP is rumored to be slate, fleeing Palm webOS is really coming, “as early as 2011,” according to comments on Phil McKinney, HP, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the company’s Personal Systems Group.

According to the HP Developer Relations Exec Peter Helm, HP, smart phones and tablets imminent – - a clue to be “similar to Apple iPad” – - have managed their WebOS now owned by Palm OS. HP tablet is currently rumored to be coming sometime in Q1 2010, when the director of HP and Chief Technology Officer Phil McKinney said that the tablet can be released at any time “in early 2011.”

Now that you are officially part of HP, we are moving forward with the applications of our initiative. Our proprietary operating system, webOS, now is the operating system for use on mobile devices from HP. This includes mobile phones and devices like the type of tablet IPAD. We will be able to benefit from Palm to innovate and scale of the base installation of the HP distribution of vast and previously unavailable to us, “he said in a note the Palm Developer Community.

Also discussed was putting in webOS Web-based printers, and some of these issues has been merged into a new spin and a bit ‘of unexpected Photosmart printer, designed for the living room as an office, with a detachable 7 – inch tablet is primarily a browser and organizer.

Kommentarer Helm mother sandsynligvis de menos en referenceramme give af Tablett oplevelsen udviklere para los hombres con el objetivo bevidste virksomheden Mindstate effekt på om Manzanas udviklere. HP har været om Manzanas bevidst tablet SELV by flota de IPAD afsløret Bleve, dining havde en prototype af Windows 7 Skif som en klar Gestus forebyggende. By Siden, erhvervet har den Palm NetOp Delvis til dag og Tabletter lanceret impresora en la interfaz de Medicina de tablet kontrol og som en Android medieenhed híbridos.

HP has announced that it initially worked with Windows 7 Slate at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer also demo version on stage. Months passed with no additional news, and after the company announced the acquisition of the Palm, it seemed that the project was shelved. Then in late July, the company received the trademark “PalmPad” that brought the product back in the spotlight.

In addition to the envelope, McKinney, created the company plans to bring the WebOS printers in the near future. “Everyone asks’ why printers?” Well, we have new printers run small applications, such as printing your confirmation of your boarding pass, “he said. MicKinney says that, ultimately, the printer is able to make More powerful printing works in a special printer WebOS apps to print things like coupons.

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