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By: Dial-a-vid  05/12/2011

1. Super Mario 3DS
This game will have a combination of gameplay from the game Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64, which would certainly be present also power up or costumes raccoon who can make Mario jump higher. The creators also said that with the visual depth, the player can easily calculate the distance when it comes to jumping platforms.

2. Resident Evil: Revelations 3D
Is a combination of Resident Evil 4 and 5, which will bring the player to feel the depth of the 3D environment that is more horror. Capcom promises a suspenseful classic gameplay with the presenting addictive puzzles and fight zombies with a limited stock of ammunition, which is becoming a separate keasikan. With the inclusion of 2 options to choose from the point of view, whether it’s first person perspective or point of view of the character’s shoulder, as in Resident Evil 4 and 5.

3. Mario Kart 3DS
One of the interesting features in addition to appearing in a 3D visual acuity and color games that spoil the eyes of players, which is now Mario and his friends can interact as rivals close to or past their Kart. Not only limited to turning the head only, but also will poke ngolok their rivals.

4. Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition
With a total of 35 characters in the console version and the import of 3D features that will give effect to a depth of character when fighting until the battle arena setting. Players also can issue a final stance by using a combination of the D-pad or with just one tap on the touch screen in executing the ultimate jutsu.

5. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
With 3D format, this game also supports the gyroscope sensor. Where players can activate the first viewpoints mengerakan handheld Nintendo 3DS to obtain the desired direction. Gameplay is also experiencing some improvements, such as to access the item was also felt quickly by using a touch screen that can also be used as a map.

6. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D
Konami introduces a new feature, namely PlayerCam, where this perspective will bring players closer to the various actions under the football field. Like to share the ball to score goals. This feature will make players feel to be a soccer star. In addition to free game match mode, the mode UEFA Championship League and The Master League. This game also supports Street Pass to exchange data to compete with other players via wifi.

7. Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
Although seen enough in applying the 3D visuals, the game is packaged in a turn-based strategy still looks attractive. With gameplay like Final Fantasy Tactics and Advanced Wars, players are required in managing a team of several members with the expertise of each, as there are experts in the sniper, there is a specialist medic, and others in completing various missions.

8. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D
In the demo video shown at the Snake crossing the bridge, looks very fascinating for the depth effect of the environmental background of the game. Bees are flying around the Snake to life and looks as if very close to us. Although the title of this game is a port of old games from the Playstation 2, the creators promise to utilize all the capacity on the Nintendo 3DS, such as gyroscope sensors to be able to control the sniper scope to get new items via feature Street Pass.

9. Kingdom Heart 3DS
This game promises new gameplay mechanism and a new world to explore. With 2 playable characters that can also be replaced throughout the game, that Sora and Riku. Each character has a story that will be connected to the main story in this game. Talking about 3D visuals, SquareEnix has said it will maximize the ability of Nintendo 3DS. So … we wait for further news.

10. Nintendo Dogs and Cats 3D
In the 3D format and a deeper texture image, now appear more alive pets. Like when your face closer to the screen, then the pet will climb up and lick the screen as if they are behind glass. Now the pet has a friend, whether it’s dogs and cats or vice versa. Both also will interact with each other.

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