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By: Dial-a-vid  05/12/2011

Per it, de har den nel nostro skærmstørrelse, nemlig af 27 pollici, samt den nel nostro opløsning nativo, fino 1920 x 1080 pixel være nøjagtig Helt (Full HD).

Per it, har den nel nostro skærmstørrelse, nemlig af 27 pollici, samt den opløsning nel nostro native 1920 x 1080 pixel thin nøjagtig Vaero Helt (Full HD).

Samsung is one of these companies, the discovery of a new technology or product line, sometimes likes to throw entire collections rather than each newcomer at once.

This time, however, required to set two screens, two of which were actually revealed back at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2011 in early January.

Frequenza di aggiornamento non è stato Chiarito, è di almeno my 120 Hz in the modalità di quanto è supportata Visualizzazione 3D.

ILS font Partie de la Série des sous les très 3D LED Moniteur NOM 27TA950 ils une une 27TA750 SAGES matériel, Comme ILS May être à fel de boast outside anser.

D’une part, ils ont la même taille d’écran, à savoir de 27 pouces, et la même résolution de 1920 x 1080 pixels native pour être précis (Full HD).

Refresh rate has not been elucidated, but it is at least 120 Hz, as the 3D display mode is supported.

Tk taustavalo LED kontrastisuhde yhtenäinen valaistus dynaaminen korkea oui, Naito Anneta numerot Mutta ei joko muuttujia attendu.

In general, a major media (though not exclusively) can distinguish between the two is to look at their stands. The 27TA950 was asymmetric, while the 27TA750 is located in the center.

Must be sold in Korea for 8.9 million won (8,000 dollars) and 8.4 million won (equivalent to $ 7,500), respectively.

Néanmoins, Samsung fait de son mieux pour l’appel Interjet augmented the mise en œuvre par of the Ultra Clear Panel technologie (motifs soi-même) et un certain name d’autres actifs, et tels that Smart TV Samsung Hub Apps.

There is also mention of a USB port, through which users can share content between storage devices and television.

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