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By: Dial-a-vid  05/12/2011
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The first camera is a Casio EX-TR100. This camera allows users to freely maneuver in taking pictures thanks to a flexible frames feature. Design a new product this Casio camera capable of displaying frames open and close and super clear LCD with high performance measuring 3 inches.

EX-TR100 also capable of recording video in Full HD format movies in H.264 video format, as well as slow-motion movies. By opening the camera frame, users can capture video from a position not only stable but also can slip it in your pocket for example making styles Commons (freehand).

EX-TR100 camera supported by the EXILIM ENGINE HS has a 12.1-megapixel resolution, the CMOS sensor. One of the advanced functions owned this camera is the HDR-ART that allows users to produce images with a choice of up to three different levels of processing-strong, standard, and light-so that the images appear in accordance with the chosen style. Not only that, this camera also has the Premium Auto function that will allow its users.

In addition to the EX-TR100, Casio also introduced the EX-ZR10, which integrates high-speed shooting and high-speed image processing and high dynamic range (HDR) technology, allows the user creation of the images of art with satisfactory results. EX-ZR10 comes with HS ENGINE EXILIM, Casio’s new engine and carries high-sensitivity CMOS sensor 12 megapixels.

EX-ZR10 equipped with wide-angle lens 28 mm 7X optical zoom lens capable of providing up to 14x magnification zoom with Multi SR, which brings together some of the images into the final result is sharp and clear.

This camera also has dual processing circuitry so that the time needed in between shots become shorter. Features ultra-high speed burst shooting is able to work so quickly to produce a maximum of 40 images per second.

Camera EX-ZR10 has a variety of shooting options, including Premium Auto which allows users to take the best photos by simply pressing the shutter button once, and features of Panorama Slide that lets users retrieve the object 360 degrees.

In addition, this camera also has a complete video recording function. Aside from being able to record 480 fps for slow-motion movies, the EX-ZR10 capable of recording Full HD movies. When recording video, users can simultaneously capture an image with optical zoom and burst shooting function.

Then, the last is the camera Casio EX-H20G. This camera offers an impressive set of features including superior features latest GPS Hybrid technology, which makes this camera a ‘friend’ is perfect for travel.

Hybrid technology offers GPS location data information with high accuracy which allows users to do geotagging (give location information) to photos and videos made, even when photos or video taken inside the room. EX-H20G can display the user’s current location on a map that can be viewed on the camera itself.

“Geotagging has become so popular, especially with the rapid presence of the sites featured photo-sharing and consumers are very interested to process their pictures become more interesting,” remarked Mr. Hiroshi Fujii, General Manager, Overseas Sales Sales Department DSC Global Marketing Headquarters Division, Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

EX-H20G has a resolution of 14.1 megapixels with up to 15x optical zoom. Features 720p HD-quality video (30fps), while the LCD super-sized three-inch crystal clear, easy to see the results when outdoors.

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Keywords: video

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