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By: Diagnosys  05/12/2011
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PinPoint II is a multi-strategy system for fault finding and testing circuit boards. It’s intuitive and fast to learn, providing maximum fault coverage, achieved through multiple test strategies. Interactive documentation and help facilities are included in the software, with maintenance and calibration instructions included in the system documentation.

This system tests all types of device technology using advance pin electronics.  It has up to 240 digital dynamic test channels, and up to 15MHz data rate.  High and consistent data rates ensure more thorough testing of a device to find more faults. Also, a number of features built in - DMM, waveform generator, oscilloscope, counter-time, shorts locator, Performance Test Module, LCR bridge, Analog Signature Analysis, Programmable power supplies - allow you to find more faults.

PinPoint II conforms to the Defence Standard 00-53 for safe test of any device. It includes an extensive library of device functional test routines including Western and Russian devices, and integral reverse engineering of schematic diagrams for testing circuits that don’t have information. Fixtureless tests allow for immediate use without requiring a test fixture to be made, and it easily integrates with instrumentation for extended analog functional testing.

Other features include an Instrument Strategizer which allows graphic programming of external integrated instruments, immediate graphic programming of instruments with VISA drivers and use of ‘C’ code within the graphical test program.

Test Methods include:

  • In-circuit
  • Functional edge
  • Boundary scan
  • Cluster
  • Analog
  • Mixed signal
  • Analog signature (VI)
  • CPU assisted
  • Fixtureless
  • Bed-of-Nails
  • Reverse schematic generation.

Technical Directors

Pinpoint II captures the knowledge in a test program, releasing skilled staff for where they are needed most.  It is ideal for use on all levels of complexity, size and technology circuits. 

PinPoint II is a complete test and diagnostic system in a small foot-print. It includes fast test programming and a quick learning curve for rapid integration into the test and maintenance environment. Test programs can be shared across the rest of the TestVue product range (subject to suitable system configuration).  It provides full test data logging with history of boards, and the Test Results Server (option) allows sharing of data with functional test systems and re-work areas or for off-line analysis. An ATML interface provides reading diagnostic information and returns the cause of the failure.

The system is easily upgradeable to cater for future circuits, and has cost effective support options to ensure your system is always available and using the latest software enhancements. 

Comprehensive training is available, with standard and advanced courses to ensure you are ready and can apply the full capabilities of the system once you have received it. In addition, tailored training is also available for those with individual requirements.

PinPoint II is a reliable and robust system that is in use worldwide.  With over 40 years' experience, our test programming services ensure that your system is immediately ready for use, and supports you through workload peaks.

Finance Directors

For proven cost savings and return on investment, PinPoint II is your system of choice. PinPoint II is in use with major military and commercial customers worldwide, and has demonstrated excellent returns on investment. Customers have created test programs in days instead of the weeks’ and are finding faults they couldn’t detect previously – saving time, money, extending their customer base and providing a safer product.  A case in point is the US Air Force, who made a $20M saving with four PinPoint systems. 

With low through-life costs and tailored support packages, you can be sure the system is always available and utilising the latest software. Complete test programming services smooth peaks in the workload, allowing you to meet your targets. Faults in a circuit are identified correctly, meaning less re-work and ensuring a reliable working product in the field. 

Repairing boards in-house requires a skilled technician or engineer using traditional bench equipment. This method typically relies heavily on the skills, knowledge and experience of the engineer and whilst the costs are not as ‘public’ as those associated with sending boards out for repair, they are often considerable and stop skilled people being available for other tasks in the organisation.

PinPoint diagnostic system:

  • Enables you to rapidly diagnose the cause of failures on a PCB and therefore provides you with a very cost effective alternative to the methods above
  • Empowers you to maintain your electronic systems in-house
  • Reverse Engineering facility for schematic diagrams also eliminates major obsolescence issues effectively and substantially extends the operating life of systems.

The initial costs of using a PinPoint system (investment in the equipment and test program) need to be considered and are often perceived to be a block to investment. However, when considered in the overall cost model for performing repairs on PCB’s, attractive ROI (Return on Investment) figures can be achieved and the PinPoint can demonstrate large savings. When comparing the upfront cost of a PinPoint with OEM/3rd Party repair process, a typical repair house can expect to see a ROI in 9 months. When comparing to an in-house repair process, a typical repair house can expect to see a ROI in 15 months.

A typical support package for PinPoint II includes full hardware, software and applications support for x% of the system purchase price. Full training and application support ensure the system is fully utilised to its maximum capabilities. Purchase plans are available to spread the investment payments, allowing you to start using the system straight away and utilise PinPoint II to its full capabilities.

Managing Directors

Diagnosys products have been developed with over 40 years of experience in all aspects of test, repair and maintenance. This has led others to try and copy the PinPoint system, without success.

PinPoint gives you the ability to test and fault-find electronic circuits quickly and reliably. The European design, technology and quality of PinPoint ensure that it meets all standards and excels in its role.  This circuit board test and diagnostic system is in use and being supported worldwide with major defence, railway and industrial organisations, with long term (20 years +) support contracts in place with defence customers.

Test programming services and comprehensive training ensures that the PinPoint system is immediately ready for use and paying for itself right from the start. Using the latest technology and multiple fault-finding techniques ensures your circuits are fully working and safe for use.

With PinPoint, you select the best no-compromise test methods required to rapidly isolate the cause of failures in your circuit, ensuring rapid programming, fast turnaround-time and minimising No Fault Found (NFF) scenarios.

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Keywords: Circuits, Test Programming

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