By: Dementia  05/12/2011
Keywords: dementia, Information On Dementia

DSIDC offers a professional information service focusing on best practice and the expansion and improvement of dementia specific services available to health care professionals, policy-makers, planners, managers, practitioners and the public.

The dissemination of reliable and up to date information on dementia is facilitated by access to the Centre’s specialist library, which contains, books, journals, government reports and online resources including access to the Internet and various databases.

The centre also undertakes a broad range of consultancy work.

  • If you need information about up-to-date research because you are planning a new facility either day care or residential care or are designing a multi - sensory therapeutic garden for people with dementia, we can advise you on design.
  • If you want to plan appropriate activities for people with dementia because they need stimulation or are unable to communicate verbally, we will send you relevant journal articles and other information.
  • If you have a client in your care whose behaviour is particularly challenging and you need advice on strategies that may best assist you, we are happy to advise.
  • If you want to conduct a piece of psychosocial research in your care environment we can assist you by advising on research methodology.

Keywords: dementia, Information On Dementia