Decisions Decisions - Career Gudiance Counselling

By: Decisions Decisions  05/12/2011


  • Psychometric Testing - A personality test designed to help you make the right career choice.  Find out the best career path for your personality! 
  • CAO/UCAS Application Procedures - Be confident that your application is filled out correctly for you and that you are choosing the right course for you!
  • Study Skills - Get the most out of your study time with some helpful guidelines.
  • Information on all college courses - In Dublin, all of Ireland and the UK
  • Information on all career options - Apprenticeships, Gaurds, Fire Brigade and other Public Sector Jobs
  • Exam Techniques - Essential tips to get the points you need!
  • Advice for Parents - On Universities and courses throughout the country
  • Subject Choices - We can assist in decisions on subject choices to ensure compatability with future study and career choices and your own enjoyment and academic success.  
  • Home Visits - Convenient for Students and Parents