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By: Decawave  05/12/2011

At DecaWave, we are developing and bringing to market a family of radio communications products named “ScenSor”. The name is an acronym of the main functions the chip family is designed to perform – Seek, Control, Execute, Network / Sense, Obey, Respond. The first member of this family is given the, not unsurprising, denomination of “ScenSor1” although its part number when released to market will be “DW1000”.

ScenSor1 is a single chip Wireless Transceiver using Ultra Wideband radio technology, compliant with the IEEE802.15.4a standard and implemented using CMOS wafer technology. The combination of these attributes gives it some ground breaking capabilities.

  • Uses Ultra Wideband radio technology
  • Is compliant with the IEEE802.15.4a standard: A standard ratified by the Institution of Electrical & Electronic Engineers in 2007
  • Uses Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) silicon wafer technology: this is by far the most common, and therefore the most cost effective, technology in use today for the production of semiconductors.
  • Wireless Transceiver: ScenSor includes both a receiver and transmitter.

Looking beyond ScenSor1, we have developed a comprehensive roadmap of products that will provide higher range and lower price to address further very demanding specialist markets (such as energy, military and harsh environments for example), as well as high volume markets such as consumer, cell phones and Wireless Access Points.