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By: Debt Plan  05/12/2011
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What is a Debt Management Plan?

A Debt Management Programme (DMP) is an arrangement to pay your creditors at a level that you can afford. Debt Plan Ireland will professionally set up and manage your plan by dealing directly with your creditors on your behalf.

Many Irish Financial Institutions are very supportive of the idea of Debt Management Plans.  Banks and Credit Card Companies etc are impressed with our clients dealing with their problems head-on as opposed to ignoring the situation, and thereby making it extremely difficult for all sides to come to an agreement.

A Debt Management Programme is not a binding contract. To become Debt Free may take a period of time. In many cases, it is necessary for your creditors to freeze interest and charges to allow the debt to be cleared. At Debt Plan Ireland, we will negotiate with your creditors on an ongoing basis.

What Debt Plan Ireland can offer you:

  • One Affordable Monthly Repayment
  • Professional Management of your Finances
  • Full Confidentiality
For you the process is easy. Simply call our dedicated consultants or complete the and we will guide you through the following simple steps:
Step 1:
Step 2:Our Team of Dedicated Consultants is ready to discuss your situation
Step 3: We will fully analyse your income and expenditure and each of your debts
Step 4: We will provide you with a full breakdown of our findings together with our recommendations

Where a Debt Management Programme is the best course of action:

Action 1: We will negotiate with your Bank, Credit Card Companies, Credit Union and other Creditors to accept reduced repayments that you can reasonably afford
Action 2: We will negotiate for interest, penalties and charges to be frozen, allowing your affordable repayment to clear your debt as quickly as possible
Action 3: We will fully manage and monitor payment to your Creditors and review your programme regularly or where there is a change in circumstances
Action 4: We will provide you with documentation evidencing your repayment programme which will be a valuable tool in repairing your credit rating

Keywords: credit card, credit union, Creditors, debt management, Reduced Repayments

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There are concerns within the Financial Regulatory Authority in relation to the procedures and charges applied by some mortgage lenders when borrowers fall into arrears. The Group launched the interim report today with positive recommendations calling on creditors to refer struggling clients to licenced Debt Management Companies.