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By: Dealhunter  05/12/2011

How our service works

Standard Orders

Step 2 - Delivery Details:
Once you have made your purchase via the retailer they will require an address in Northern Ireland as to where they are to deliver your goods - please use the following: "Your name," c/o Dealhunter, 102 Duncrue Street, Belfast, BT3 9AR . Tel: 028-90-351313
When ordering online please use the above address for delivery purposes only and the telephone no. as the contact no. in case they need directions to our depot. When placing a grocery order please have it delivered on a thurs morning between 10am - 12pm.

Step 3 - Confirmation:
Once you are happy with your purchase please forward us a copy of your order - this serves as confirmation where it will processed and a reply sent informing you of your delivery and any other info if applicable.

You may find that certain retailers or certain items are not available for home delivery or that some may require additional information, in that case please see below.

Special Orders

IKEA Orders:

We will arrange with you to purchase the item on your behalf instore and deliver them down to you. The normal process involves you selecting the item you want via the IKEA website and then send us your shopping list complete with prices in £. The more details you can give us, the better it is to ensure we collect the correct item. Please Contact Us with your requirements and we will detail further how we can help.

Grocery Shops:
At present we do all our grocery deliveries on a thursday afternoon/eve. For grocery shops such as ASDA please have them delivered to our Belfast depot on a thurs morning between 10am - 12pm. This is the only time slot available at the moment so please check back in the future to see any updates.

Occasionally a retailer may not have an item available for home delivery and may only be available for collection, in this case we can arrange to collect the item instore on your behalf. Another possibility is that a retailer is based in the UK and only delivers to mainland UK, once again we can assist but please contact us for further information. An additional service charge may apply with such orders - further details can be found under Delivery Fees.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011