By: Dead Cat Bounce  05/12/2011

Live at the Sugar Club (CD Copy)

A CD copy of our EP recorded live at the Sugar Club, Dublin in September 2009.

Tracklisting:1. Switzerland
2. Overenthusiastic Contraceptive Lady
3. Midget
4. Rugby
5. That Summer When We Killed That Guy
6. In Da Club
7. Four Lads

Live at the Roisin Dubh (CD Copy)

A CD copy of our brand new EP recorded live at the Roisin Dubh, Galway.

Tracklisting:1. Mary
2. Christians in Love
3. My Party Now
4. Girls Night
5. Narcoleptic
6. Outsized Orthapedic Shoe
7. Good Touch, Bad Touch
8. Pigeons and Pirates
9. Firemen
10. Human Statue
11. The Weeping of the Willows


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