fut ServiceAndRepair

By: Dcs  05/12/2011

As a result of recent initiatives by the Health and Safety Authority and our customers, we have begun to develop a Service & Repair Management system. This is particularly aimed at organisations that need to keep records of service and maintenance carried out on equipment. The system will allow for the entry of service records as services or repairs are carried out.

In addition, the system will allow for a schedule of service or calibration of sensitive items. The system will provide a full service and repair history on individual plant items and will integrate with the accounting modules of the system to account for the income from or expenditure on servicing and to the stock control module to manage the requisitions and record the use of spare parts.

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Optional Add-On Modules: We are committed to using our depth of industry experience to build solutions that allow you to maximise the opportunities with your customers and to minimise the waste associated with doing business into the future. System is a fully integrated suite of modules that caters for all the accounting and plant control requirements for Equipment / Tool Hire & Sales Companies.


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Document management systems operate quite like a photocopier where you place the items into a tray and it just reads a batch of them one at a time. Then when a customer requires a copy of a docket, the system will have indexed the docket using the customer, contract and invoice numbers. Then can select an individual invoice and navigate down to view the copies of all the documentation associated with the contract.