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By: Dba  05/12/2011
Keywords: hosting services, Oracle Database

Oracle Hosting services from DB Alliance come in two flavours; Shared and Dedicated hosting:

Shared Oracle Hosting

Ideal for development and small scale implementations DB Alliance's Shared Oracle Hosting provides a highly cost effective means of gaining access to an Oracle database.

Purchase by the tablespace and add space and users to define the environment that you need.

Fully backed up and administered database instances.

Rapid set up and global availability makes Shared Oracle Hosting a convenient solution for your immediate Oracle requirements.

Dedicated Oracle Hosting

Aimed at the larger enterprise DB Alliance's Dedicated Oracle Hosting gives you all the advantages of a full Oracle Enterprise Server without any of the headaches of hardware, operating system or Oracle administration.

DB Alliance will install a dedicated instance of Oracle according to your requirements (assistance is available with capacity and resource planning if required) and will maintain the instance for you.

Alternatively we can assist in virtualizing your existing Oracle servers thus reducing your hardware and administration costs.

Keywords: hosting services, Oracle Database

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Oracle Administration | Services

Most companies with Oracle databases employ an expensive DBA simply becuase they feel they need to have one around. Now DB Alliance offers a cost effective alternative in our Oracle administration and support services. You never need an Oracle DBA - until you need one". Round the clock monitoring of your Oracle databases. Analysis and application of security patches.


Backup and Recovery | Services

As such we are ideally placed to provide you with the assistance you need to ensure your data is securely backed up and readily available if you should need to recover it. If you've an existing backup and recovery strategy then it's essential that this is audited periodically to ensure the procedures still function. DB Alliance has many years experience in the field of backups, recovery and business continuity planning or disaster recovery.


Performance Management | Services

Performance Analysis can be applied to find and eliminate any performance problems you might have whether it be from poor database design, incorrect SQL usage, application coding issues or inadequate server hardware. However this service can also be applied to a system that's live in order to plan for increased capacity and server performance to keep pace with the growth of your business.


Security Updates | Services

However sifting through the quarterly patch release, selecting appropriate patches and applying them can be a time consuming task with associated risks should a patch break something. The regular application of Oracle security patches is essential to maintain the security of your Oracle databases. Assess your database servers for any patch pre-requisites.


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Accurate performance and capacity planning is essential for any database whether it be in the design phase or post implementation. DB Alliance's Performance and Capacity Planning services help you manage your database costs by. Ensuring your database is sized correctly to accomodate your business growth.


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DB Alliance make use of the latest Oracle Wait Interface techniques to ensure your database is satisfying your customer's requirements for response times. DB Alliance's Performance Analysis and Tuning services can isolate the root cause of performance problems and advise on how these can be remedied. From time to time performance issues can arise as with any relational database management system.