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By: Davitt Mahon  05/12/2011

Strategic Planning Workshops - An integrated approach The workshops are designed for all managers who engage in strategic planning. Training takes place over four separate workshop days, usually spaced one month apart and real work issues fuel the learning process.

Day One
The first day consists of an executive briefing with a 'planning to plan' phase and key elements of the agenda include:

Day Two
This concentrates on looking at the measurements or key result areas of the business. The agenda includes:

Day Three
This day is concerned with developing and converting strategies to actions:

Day Four
Concentrates on planning to implement and the implementation:

Also built into this last phase, is learning how to effectively review and monitor progress to the strategic plan and how to carry out an annual review.

In between these four workshops, managers hold parallel process meetings with relevant employees to collect information and to give feedback.

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Davitt Mahon - Psychometrics for Selection & Development

In terms of best practice recruitment and selection decisions, the key question which must be answered is ‘If I select this person, will he/she be able to do the job that needs to be done?. The assessments we utilise have all been validated on a global basis and are considered the most reliable psychometric testing tools in use today.