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By: David Behan  05/12/2011
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Web Design and Development

The very best websites are built with the target customer in mind. Think of the ideal visitor that you want to attract to your website and then think what you want them to do once they get there.

Let us guide you through these important early stages in the design process. We will work with your existing identity to create an appropriate online look. We will then apply all of the other key elements such as great usability features, content layout, SEO and CMS to ensure your website delivers on your investment.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

If your website needs to be updated regularly, you will save yourself money by having a CMS that allows you update the website yourself from your own office.

We believe that our lightweight CMS is a market leading solution that offers the simplest editing features currently available in the market. The system employs easy-to-use interfaces that most people can be trained on in less than 30 minutes.

Search Engine Optimisation

Put simply, this means making your website easy to find. Search engines such as Google are hugely influential in driving traffic around the internet. If you want them to find your site, you need to make it as easy as possible for them. There are quite a few variables that decide which sites are ranked higher then others.

Let us guide you through this complex area. We bring SEO into the process from the very start and this means that you can begin climbing the rankings from the moment your site launches. We would be happy to provide specific examples (where client has given approval) of successes we have had in this area.

Search Engine Marketing

Looking to jump the queue? While you are waiting for your new website to move up the rankings for key search terms, why not attract extra visitors using paid Google advertising. This can also be used on an ongoing basis to boost lead generation.

We can provide the initial set up of your accounts and then either manage it for you or hand it back to you to manage yourself.

E-Commerce Websites

An E-Commerce website is different because it needs to actually sell products/services online. As well as your website being easy to find, your website also needs to convey a very high level of trust to visitors or they will not be confident enough to transact business with you.

Let us help you build and improve your online strategy in order to maximise your return on investment.

Web Applications

We build custom web applications for clients. You may need your website to integrate with an in-house software system or perhaps take a data feed from another source. Whatever your requirements, we will be able to propose a custom solution.

Existing Website Audits

You already have a website and you suspect that it’s underperforming for your business? Don’t be tempted to put off the inevitable. Get your website checked and take appropriate action based on the results you receive.

We would be happy to conduct an audit of your site and assess its strengths and weaknesses. We have a number of diagnostic tools that help us assess where you are currently. They tell us almost everything we need to know about the design and coding of your website and also how well your keywords, tags and titles are working.

Bespoke Website Services

Let us know if you have a special project that you would like to quote for. You may want help integrating your online strategy with your offline strategy. You may want some custom applications built. We would be delighted to talk to you.

Intranet Solutions

We are happy to share with you our extensive experience in the area of Intranet installations. We can install generic applications for your business or build custom solutions based on your specific requirements.

Usability Testing

We have experience of different levels of usability testing. We offer different options ranging from low-cost quickly delivered Usability Reviews right up to full scale testing with actual site users.


We will check all of your copy before inserting it into the website and we will make recommendations if there are ways that it could be improved to make it work better for on-screen reading. We can also offer further services whereby we can draft some or all the text on your behalf. We have provided this service to many of our clients and we would be happy to show examples of our work.

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