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By: Daveyandsam  05/12/2011

Rosie and Lilly Owens

On Thursday 3rd November, and after nineteen hours labour, Sam gave birth to our beautiful twin daughters, Rosie and Lilly.  Rosie was born at 5:45am weighing 5lb 1 ounce and Lilly at 5:55 weighing 5lb 5 ounces.

It was a very difficult labour and delivery – times two of course – sparing you the gory details.  We’ve had Lilly for the last couple of days but Rosie had some breathing difficulties and had to be incubated in intensive care.  Both were also on antibiotics.  Just this morning we were united as a family – very emotional – a combination of tiredness, excitement and relief.  Sam had only seen Rosie once up until this point.

Rosie and Lilly have very different characteristics and personalities.  Lilly is very laid back – a nightmare to feed – taking very much after her mum.  Whereas Rosie is always awake and energetic, drinks like a trooper and farts like a steam train, need I say any more.  It’s very hard at this stage to say whom they look like, they both have light coloured hair, Lilly is more blond and Rosie mousey brown, a combination of both of us.

It’s very easy to distinguish Lilly, she has all the bruises – and looks like she’s gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson – a result of being delivered by foresepts.  Just this morning the nurse – who hadn’t seen here before – reported her to the doctor as she was concerned about the bruises, thinking it was some form of abuse.  We knew nothing of this until the doctor arrived and quietly prompted her to read the baby’s notes, where it was all explained.

Thank you to all our family and friends that have been calling, texting and leaving well wish messages.  Sorry it has taken this long to upload some pictures, it didn’t seem fair or right to upload pictures until we know they were safe and well with their mummy and daddy.

All our lover and best wished

Davey, Sam, Rosie and Lilly.

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Christy, a local Honduran dive master, had not seen one since she was snorkeling at the aged of 15, the club owner has been living on the island for 20 years and has never seen one. The whale shark, or Rhincodon typus, is the largest fish in the sea and not a whale. Spotting the elusive whale shark is the high point in the careers of many divers. Most of our crew have never seen one.


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You will see on the third picture the indent in the side of the great pyramid Khafre where Napoleon blasted it trying to knock it down and and on the fourth, the granite frontage that had covered it at onetime – it must have been so beautiful. Napoleon’s troops have long been blamed with blowing off the nose of the Sphinx in the 18th century, because it was an African nose and went against their belief that man descended from the fricans.


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In order to preserve this wonder, visitors are only allowed to take in money and water, for fear that tags would be etched and smoke would stain the marble. Because the river has started to dry up in recent years, two of its piers are leaning by 7%, and if the trend continues, they will only last another 25. It too has seen the effects of global warming, which is a real concern for the Indian Tourism Board.


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There is nothing better than waking up on a relatively clear Himalayan morning –with a cup of milk tea - and seeing an 8,000m peak towering over you – a feeling I have no words to describe. Nepal has a near monopoly on the world’s highest peaks – eight of the 10 highest. The last of our trekking posts and we had to end it on a high – pun intended. The most popular are the Annapurna and Everest Himalayan Ranges.