DAQS - Spare Parts - Training

By: Daqs  05/12/2011

We offer customers a range of services. For more details on any of the services listed here, please :

  • Spare Parts
  • Warranty
  • Product Training
  • Validation
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Refurbished Equipment

Spare Parts
The parts in DAQS products are carefully selected for best and safest operation. DAQS recommends using genuine spare parts to ensure the optimal performance of your DAQS equipment. Our service partners can get direct information about spare parts availability and delivery time via our Spare Parts Hotline +353-1-8335043.

All our products carry a warranty guarantee.

Product Training
A DAQS training programme has been created to ensure that maintenace and service contractors are fully trained to carry out service and maintenace on DAQS products. Bespoke and customised training courses are also offered to customers and operators in order to ensure safe and the most effective use of DAQS equipment.

DAQS offers a full validation and commissioning service to customers.

Service and Maintenance
DAQS's product portfolio has been developed and designed for use in all kinds of applications and environments. One of the main objectives of our innovative designers is to develop equipment that is reliable, cost effective and easy to maintain.
DAQS products provide its customers with high-tech solutions. Preventive maintenance is a must for the reliable and safe use of DAQs products designed to perform in a variety of environmental conditions. The DAQS service department has developed a preventive maintenance programme that will keep your DAQS equipment in peak condition to meet all your expectations.