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By: Dal  05/12/2011
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Chillers are used to provide temperature control, regulate humidity
and ventilate enclosed areas.
Modern systems can help reduce your cost of operation,
provide energy efficiency and minimise environmental impact.
Chillers are installed across a wide range of locations for various
commercial and industrial sites.
These are located on the external grounds of buildings.

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Over the last ten years DAL has installed chillers of all sizes to specifically meet customers needs. The following are examples of some of the most recent installations that we have completed across the country.

Recent Projects

Keywords: chillers

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Comfort Cooling

Typically used in shops, homes and small offices, the indoor and outdoor unit are connected by two small refrigerant pipes. This type of units is usually used for single room cooling, but ‘multi-splits’ can be achieved. Up to four different indoor points from the same condenser are possible.



This means that most ordinary and extraordinary maintenanceactivities are executed from the front side of the unit,thus allowing the installation of several units close to eachother and at the same time not sacrificing excessive space for this purpose.