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By: Cultrasna  05/12/2011


At times your company needs another set of eyes to review and advise on alternatives for your company.

Our experienced consultants will review your business processes and highlight new horizons for your company to achieve. The outcomes of the review could include:

  • Company Product Review
  • Business Process Review
  • Competitor Review
  • Strategic Plan


We understand that implemting a change programme can be difficult.

Our consultants will work with you to work with your company to help you implement the changes identified in the review process.

Our consultants have experience of working with some of Ireland largest companies and will help you focus on meeting your targets.


In setting out your strategic plan we will identify key targets to be achieved.

Our consultants will help drive your company to meeting these strategic goals.

As always, our key focus is to take your company to the next level.

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Cultrasna Partnership :: Inspire - Focus - product

All customer information is stored centrally allowing members of your sales team to have up to date access to your companies customer information. Customer Manager is a web-based application that allows your company sales team to have instant access to relevant customer information. Our development team have 10 years ICT experience; working with Ireland's largest financial and governmental institutions.