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By: Ctsi  05/12/2011

Automate Traditional Processes

The array of TMS applications gives clients the ability to manage orders, optimize loads, select the best carriers, automate shipping for all modes, track shipping progress, settle payment and manage claims as well as map, graph, model, trend and benchmark their entire logistics operations at more than half the costs of other companies.

Flexibility and Scalability

CTSI-Global's TMS enables shippers to manage their transportation from order to payment and allows LSP's to manage their client's processes and help them reduce internal costs or choose to outsource the process to CTSI-Global. The TMS applications are configurable to meet the business requirements of the shipper, LSP and their customers. Additionally, the on-demand architecture is scalable, allowing LSP's to add new customers with ease. 

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Services by CTSI-Global

The staff has been working in the supply chain industry for decades and has expanded knowledge of freight bill validation, pre-payment auditing, online reporting tools, data warehouse management, supply chain management tools and carrier rate benchmarking.