Shoemaster - Esprite

By: Csm3d International  05/12/2011
Keywords: Leather Cutting, Pattern Graders,

Shoemaster Esprite is the perfect piece grading solution, offering an unequalled combination of power and flexibility.

It allows quick and easy input of patterns and supports a full range of grading facilities including co-ordination, groups and fittings. Esprite features an intuitive and easily understood user interface and is fully compatible with all cardboard and leather cutting machines.

Shoemaster Esprite allows you to substantially reduce the time needed for piece grading, resulting in a quicker throughput and increasing your production capacity. A digitised set of patterns can be graded in a matter of seconds, and will follow any grading rules specified. Esprite also guarantees grading accuracy, utilising processes developed over decades by bulk pattern graders to handle every grading demand.

Esprite contains all the functionality required to generate a set of patterns in multiple sizes from a 2D digitized group of pattern outlines.

Keywords: Leather Cutting, Pattern Graders,

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The 3D functionality allows you to encompass more of your existing processes in a virtual environment, reducing the costs associated with rework as well as maximising the productivity of last making, pattern engineering, and grading departments. Shoemaster Power meets the needs of the modern development engineer, allowing them to take a 3D virtual design to the next level with all the tools to fully engineer the style into production.


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