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By: Crystalasp  05/12/2011

UNO suite enables Carriers, Providers and Resellers to provide comprehensive customer lifecycle management by delivering integrated product management, customer management, fulfilment management, and revenue management capabilities and related benefits.


UNO delivers a tightly-coupled core solution, consisting of automated orders management and convergent rating and billing. Depending on a customer’s specific business needs, this foundation can be enhanced with pre-integrated modules for CRM, Trouble Ticketing, Credit Management, KCI, Sales and Marketing, Inventory Management and Self Service Portal.

UNO. What can it do for you

Help Build Shareholder Value
Allows focus on Markets
Confidence in Customer
Flexible Business Models
Real time Accounts
Real-time Analysis
Cash flow & Debt Management
Cost Management
Revenue Assurance
Fast Product Definition
Integrated Campaign
& Promotion Management
Targetted Generation of Leads
Fast Time to Market
Tight Operations Management
Product/Service Centric
Integration Delivery Workflows
On-line Operational Visibility
OSS/BSS Business Architecture
Enables streamlined Business
24 x 7 Business Availability/
Can be Integrated with existing assets
Allows What-if modelling
Technology Architecture
matches Business Architecture
365 x 24 x 7 Service Availability
Service Development
Network & Service Integration

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CrystalASP a leading Utility OSS/BSS supplier - products

UNO can solve this problem through its unified view of customers, prospects and product information, enabling the effective convergence of business models, streamlining subscriber acquisition, retention and satisfaction. UNO reduces the number of staff required for ordering and provisioning – reducing your operating costs significantly compared with using other vendor solutions.