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By: Crystalasp  05/12/2011

As carriers and network operators have grown, provisioning and billing complexity has grown even faster. New services, products, technologies and payment types have resulted in a convoluted and mismatched variety of different system platforms. These tend to be costly to maintain and difficult to manage, resulting in lacklustre service and increased subscriber churn.

UNO can solve this problem through its unified view of customers, prospects and product information, enabling the effective convergence of business models, streamlining subscriber acquisition, retention and satisfaction.

UNO can be implemented in green field sites or as part of existing operations that seek specific modules to integrate with existing legacy systems.

  • UNO can be purchased on a Capex or Opex basis – allowing you to manage your business set-up and operational costs effectively
  • UNO set-up costs are low – saving you money on your set-up costs compared to other vendor solutions
  • UNO is faster to implement than other Vendor solutions - allowing you to operate and start earning revenue quickly
  • UNO reduces the number of staff required for ordering and provisioning – reducing your operating costs significantly compared with using other vendor solutions
  • UNO increases ARPU by rolling out new services, promotions and pricing plans faster and more efficiently
  • UNO flexible platform allow multi-service operators to have a single billing solution to support all services and payment types – fixed, mobile, satellite, WiMax, MVNO, post-paid and prepaid
  • UNO has a demonstrated ability to reduce suspended calls, proven through existing Uno customer implementations – increasing your revenue
  • UNO can run your sales and marketing campaigns as well as on-going customer communications – reducing your marketing and communication costs
  • UNO uses a customer prioritisation technology which allows you to priorities key customers – enhancing your customer service to key customers and helping maintain your revenues
  • UNO utilises external web-services to pre-qualify customers – reducing your costs by having fewer rejections during provisioning

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CrystalASP a leading Utility OSS/BSS supplier - solutions

UNO suite enables Carriers, Providers and Resellers to provide comprehensive customer lifecycle management by delivering integrated product management, customer management, fulfilment management, and revenue management capabilities and related benefits.