Mobile and Landline Voice Recording

By: Cryoserver  05/12/2011
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CryoSIM allow businesses to record mobile and/or landline voice calls and archive them in real-time into an archiving solution.  The system is simple and effective, requiring only a replacement SIM card for the phone; it does not need the installation of software on any devices. The new service will allow companies to do business whenever and wherever they are – and still comply with regulations.

Cryoserver’s archiving software also allows users to find specific business communications quickly and easily.  The CryoSIMcompliance solution when used in conjunction with Cryoserver’s email archiving offers the same functionality; users can find any recording in the archive in only a few seconds. Furthermore, Cryoserver allows users to search through the archive for voice recordings, emails, and IM conversations in one single search.

CryoSIM offers additional advantages:

  • Eliminates personal use and misuse of phone calls at work and on work-owned mobile phones, allowing for reduced costs and increased productivity.

  • Captures customer’s orders, commitments, questions, and instructions. If there are any questions about a conversation, you can go back and review it.

  • Records any abusive calls to protect front-line staff members who answer the phones.

CryoSIM is a secure voice/SMS call recording solution, where calls made to and from a mobile and/or landline telephones can be intercepted, recorded and then archive the voice recordings in real-time.

With the mobile device approach, you only need to replace the current SIM with CryoSIM. From this point  all calls are passed through the CryoSIM network where they are recorded.  This simple approach of just replacing the SIM means that if a user swap their phone they only need to move the SIM to the new phone to able recording and archive the calls from the new device.

This is not a software based solution; this is not a conference call type solution; this is not an expensive hardware solution - it is just a replacement SIM card.  CryoSIMple.  A cost effective, efficient and elegant solution.

If you need to keep your current number, you can port the number over, and we can allocate your existing mobile and even landline number onto our network.

CryoSIM not only works with mobile devices, but we can also record landline telephones.

Multi-device ringing: With the CryoSIM service you can have your landline, mobile device, VOIP phone all ringing at the same time and whatever device you take the call on, will be recorded.  One phone number for multiple phones.

In reverse, we can allocate up to 5 different telephone numbers to a single CryoSIM.  i.e. you can have a 0207 ### #### number, 07958 ### ###, 01454 ### ###, 01243 ### ### AND 1-###-#### (International Number), all pointed to your mobile phone, and all of them can be recorded!  The benefit of this is you can look as if you are providing a local telephone number when you are not local.

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