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By: Crossfit  05/12/2011

I was chatting to someone at a Crossfit Level 1 Seminar recently and I mentioned that running an Affiliate was my full-time job. They asked me the question in the post title – “Do you love it?”

I was a little taken aback – it honestly didn’t occur to me up to this point that this is something you could possibly do if you DIDN’T love it.

I consider it a privilege to do what I do. I’m lucky enough to get to spend every day of the week making people’s lives better. Sometimes it’s just in small ways – like when they come in fed-up from a long day at work and then leave the gym with a giant smile on their faces after nailing their first kipping pullup. Sometimes it’s big stuff – like “my doctor says I don’t need my blood pressure medication anymore!”.

I come from a background of being quite out of shape and unhealthy myself – I know what it’s like to get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs. I’ve been there, done that and worn the XL t-shirt. I also know what it’s like to make the journey from there to being in the best shape of your life and feeling like you can take on the world – and I’m driven by a desire to share that with as many people as I can.

This stuff is not all glory. It’s putting the rest of your life on hold and making the people you train come first. It’s wiping the urine off the toilet and cleaning the sink every time you walk into the bathroom. It’s living in the certain knowledge that all it takes is a couple of bad months to wipe out your business and put you back on the dole queues.

And yes, I love every damn second of it.

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When we’re training and timing our metcons, it’s very easy to try and rush things to keep up with someone else. You might only half do your exercise, or forget to count every one, or even forget an entire round. Metcon 5 Rounds10 Deadlifts5 Pull Ups3 Forward Rolls. Game Partner Wall Ball Passing.