By: Croom Precision  05/12/2011

Since 1995 our manufacturing output has been dominated by products for the medical orthopaedic industry. We manufacture these high quality products to the specifications of our partners who integrate them into offerings of their own.

Implants and sub-implants which are destined for surgical implantation into a human body obviously have to be manufactured to an extremely high standard out of the finest-quality materials and are made to extremely low tolerances. Over the last 20 years Croom Precision Medical have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to deliver in this extremely demanding environment.

Our high-precision, high-quality manufacturing techniques and superb quality control have won us much repeat business from our long-term partners.Among other things we manufacture knee components, arm joints, hip joints and shoulder joints. We believe in delivering superb products on-time every time.

If you'd like to know more about our orthopaedic implant manufacturing capabilities and how

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Rapid prototyping

Croom Precision Medical have the experience, skills and equipment to help you rapidly prototype a medical or other high-precision product.If you have a product concept you'd like to take from CAD file or blueprint to reality we are the perfect partner to help you make this happen. Our skilled and experienced manufacturing and prototyping staff are exactly what you need to achieve your goal quickly and cost-effectively.