Family Mediation

By: Crmc  05/12/2011

Family Mediation

Family Dispute:
Family disputes may range from difficulties about an issue in a family, such as negotiations between the HSE and the family for child protection, the need to negotiate because of reentry to a family after a crime is committed or addiction treatment, to conflicts arising from a family business issue, a will or property. Mediation can help to create answers that meet everyone's needs and enhance relationships.

The process:
Any member of the family or a friend or professional contacts CRMC. The mediator explains to the person how mediation works and discusses any concerns. When all those involved in the dispute make contact with the mediator, the mediator may agree to meet with everyone or have individual meetings first before bringing everyone together to discuss the issues and concerns. The mediator is expert in processes that enable people discuss and come to agreement about difficult issues. The final plan is drawn up into an Agreement by the mediator

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Marital Mediation

The mediator works with the couple and facilitates them to make a plan that allows them end their relationship in a way that is dignified and keeps them in control of their futures. Concrete plans are made that are drawn up into an Agreement by the mediator which may then be drawn up into a legal document, a Separation Agreement or a Divorce Decree. One of the couple contacts CRMC and a mediator discusses the mediation process with them.


Workplace Mediation

The mediator then designs a process to meet the needs of the parties and of the dispute and works with the parties to resolve their issues. Contact with the mediator is usually made by a representative of the organization or by an individual involved in the dispute. Destructive conflict in the workplace has a high cost, both financially and emotionally, for the individuals and the company.


Community Mediation

The mediator explains the benefits and limits of mediation and explores other options.The mediator meets the other party and goes through the same process.The mediator clarifies with each party and gets agreement about what is to be treated as confidential.A mediation session is set up at a neutral venue at a time acceptable to both parties.