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By: Crime Scene Cleanup  05/12/2011
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As professionals, we are available to you not only because of the unpleasant conditions that may be confronting you, but also because of the emotional anguish involved in having to deal with the physical aspects of such circumstances.

Crime & trauma scene clean-up

Any sort of death is extremely traumatic. Violent death is quite possibly the most traumatic form of death and leaves families feeling both traumatized and victimized.
In addition to dealing with the emotional side of a traumatic death the familymust deal with making funeral arrangements, contacting other family members and dealing with life insurance and other financial issues.

In the case of a violent death, there are bodily fluids to deal with; these fluids can contain bacteria and, possibly infectious diseases. For a family member or friend to carry out the cleaning would add additional stress and could be potentially dangerous for those who are not trained to deal with this type of material.

Complete Crime Scene Cleanup offer’s our customers compassionately, affordable and effective service, while being sensitive to your needs, thereby allowing you to deal with more important matters.

Natural & accidental death

We specialize in the removal and disposal of bio-hazardous materials that may have resulted from a serious injury or death. Blood, tissue and other bodily fluids are considered a potential source of infection. Our experts strive to remove any and all remaining signs of trauma and to restore the environment as to its original state.


Suicides are very emotional and overwhelming to deal with. We can reduce the trauma experienced by people by coming in and quickly, sympathetically and efficiently remedy any suicide scene. The use of our services allows the family to move on and deal with the other issues involved in dealing with the death of a loved one. Our team of highly trained professionals can safely and discreetly remedy any suicide scene.

Blood removal & cleanup

A scene involving blood and bodily fluids requires procedures to detect, disinfect and completely remove all traces of the bio-hazardous materials. This process should only be done by a professional company because sometimes blood released from the human body contains other potentially infectious materials, such as Hepatitis which can live outside the human body in wet or died in blood. To correctly clean a scene both visual and microscopic traces need to be removed. Although the appearance of blood and bodily fluids needs a thorough cleaning effort, it requires much more than simply wiping it up.

Vehicle decontamination & disinfection

Should you ever be faced with such a situation were a vehicle requires decontamination, it may be a result of a RTA (Road Traffic Accident) or your car has been stolen and you get it back with drug paraphernalia or other undesirable items inside, our team has the experience and the tools needed to professionally remove any potential dangers, clean, decontaminate and deodorize the vehicle and restore it to a safe, non-bio hazardous, pre-incident condition.

Removal of contaminated items from distressed properties

A typical distressed property will usually involve a building that requires remove and disposal of needles, excessive rubbish, odour, faecal matter, bodily fluids, etc. The task of cleaning a distressed property can contribute to serious illnesses if proper precautions are not taken. Drug paraphernalia such as discarded needles and other contaminated objects can be a serious health risk and should only be removed by experienced and trained professionals. Our team has the experience and the tools needed to locate and safely eliminate hazardous materials from any property in order to restore the property to full working use.

Cleaning after Pest Control Problem’s

The unsanitary conditions that pests leave may pose a threat to you and your family’s health. Once the pests ( Rats, Pigeons, etc) have been removed the health hazards associated with cleaning up after them requires specialist knowledge and cleaning methods including the removal of hazardous waste and proper cleaning and disinfection.

Complete Crime Scene Cleanup can provide a specialised cleaning crew to your Home or Business to deal with and clean any hazard’s caused by a pest infestation.

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