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By: Cozy Green Homes  05/12/2011
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Cavity Wall Insulation

Cozy Green Homes uses a high quality Bonded platinum insulation bead which is injected into the cavity wall of your home. An advantage of using this insulation method is that it greatly improves the U Value of your walls, therefore reducing the heat which is lost from this element. This improvement greatly reduces your heating bills as 35% of your homes heat is lost through the walls. The process involves the following steps and is usually completed in one day:
• Drilling 22mm holes to the external leaf of the house
• Inject the bonded platinum bead and an adhesive
• The holes are then finished to the nearest match possible of your exterior finish

Attic Insulation

Cozy Green Homes uses different types of attic insulation which is of a high quality standard. CGH will assess your homes individual requirements and advise you the home owner of the most efficient insulation method to suit your home. To ensure compliance of current building regulations your home is required to have 300mm of attic insulation. By having this standard of insulation in your attic this will greatly improve the U value while also reducing the heat loss which is estimated at 25% through your roof space. This improvement will help reduce your homes heating bill while also ensuring your home stays warmer for longer.

External Insulation

External Insulation is another form of insulation for your home. This type of insulation is fitted to the outside of your home. The process consists of fitting sheets of insulation which come in a range of widths. A coating of plaster with a reinforcing mesh is applied after this stage you apply a base coat and a final decorative finish. The greater the widths of insulation used this will greatly improve the U values of your walls. Some homeowners may opt to use external insulation as it is a practical solution to their heat loss problems. On average 35% of heat is lost through your external walls.
Below are some advantages to External Insulation:
• Work is carried out external to your home
• Internal room sizes are not reduced
• Maintenance free exterior finish
• Transfers the due point to the outside the structural wall element
• Reduces thermal bridging, minimising condensation and heat loss
• Ideal for renovation properties and new builds Cozy Green Homes will help you the homeowner to choose the correct insulation for your home.

Dry Lining

Is a process of fixing insulated slabs to your interior walls of your home. These slabs come in different widths which are then fixed to the wall with mechanical fixings. Once these are positioned a skim coating of plaster is applied to finish. This method of insulation can help to cover exposed piping and other utility services. The main advantage of dry lining is the speed of installation and it can be a more cost effective method of upgrading the insulation of your home.

Cozy Green Homes will assess and advise the homeowner on the different types of insulation slabs available that can help bring your home to the required U value.

Keywords: Attic Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation, Green Homes, heating bills, Insulation, Wall Insulation

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Cozy Green Homes - Cavity Wall Insulation and Building Energy Ratings(BER) Specialists - Services

To establish your homes energy efficiency your home is given a grade, this ranges from A to G with A been the most energy efficient dwelling while G is the least energy efficient. To avail of grant assistance the homeowner must apply for the grant before work is started on their home and you must also use a registered SEI installer to carry out the work.