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By: Corrosion Protection  05/12/2011
Keywords: Corrosion, corrosion protection, cathodic protection

Cathodic Protection Systems

Corrosion and the resulting deterioration it causes can dramatically reduce the service life  of vital infrastructure. Corrosion is a major cost to the economy, environment and if left  unchecked can become a serious safety risk.

CCI  uses electrochemical protection systems (EPS) to provide corrosion protection for  many types of structures across a range of industries including the following:

* Cathodic protection (CP) for existing concrete structures, including bridges, wharves  and buildings;

* Cathodic protection for steel structures, including reservoirs, pipelines and wharf piles

Introduction to Cathodic Protection

Galvanic or sacrificial anodes are designed with a more negative electrochemical  potential than the metal of the structure.

The voltage potential of the steel surface is  polarised (pushed) more negative until the surface of the structure has a uniform voltage   potential and the driving force for the corrosion reaction is halted. The sacrificial anode   continues to corrode (sacrifice), which consumes the anode material until it requires  replacement. The polarisation is caused by the current flow from the anode to the  cathode. The driving force for the CP current flow is the difference in electrochemical voltage potential between the anode and the cathode.

Keywords: cathodic protection, Corrosion, corrosion protection

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