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By: Dwn  05/12/2011

The The AP170 is a WLAN Access Point industrial Ethernet networks in hazardous area zone 1, 21 and 2 and 22.

The AP170 can realize in the industrial environment efficient range and cell networks according standard IEEE 802,3 (ETHERNET) and IEEE 802,11 (Wireless LAN).

The various possibilities of internet and intranet, which are available already today in the office and industrial range, can be used now also within in hazardous areas of the manufacturing and process automation.

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Heavy contaminations, small differences of Densities, Dielectric Constants and Conductivities and/or emulsion layers are all issues that make Interface Detection one of the most difficult automated processes. To Detect the Interfacial layer measurement of 2 non-mixable liquids, as result of an extraction or as occurring after a chemical process, is still today very problematic.


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The valve series ARCA-ECOTROL is a robust, compact and lightweight control valve with a pneumatically operated, easy field reversible multi-spring diaphragm actuator ARCAPAQ 812 and a sturdy, pipeless and vibration-resistant mounted digital positioner ARCAPRO 827A. In comparison to conventional designs the speciality of the ECOTROL’s soft sealing is, that the PTFE-element is flexibly supported by an additional Elastomer O-Ring.


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ControlAir is a worldwide leading manufacturer of precision pneumatic and electro pneumatic control products essential to automated industrial equipment, process control systems and instrumentation, laboratory research and analysis, energy management, fluid power, robotics, and valve automation applications.


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The frequency band ranging from 446.000 MHz to 446.100 MHz was opened for public use by the ERC with the publication of its decision ERC/DEC/25, 26, 27 dated 1 December 1998 and charge free. The Ex-PMR 1000 is a license and charge-free two-way radio for wireless communication in Ex-hazardous areas. Ex-PMR 1000 - Intrinsically-Safe Two-Way Radio.


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Inor was founded in 1940, and with over 60 years’ experience of industrial temperature measurement, our company possesses an incomparable level of expertise. In 1974, Inor introduced the world’s first head mounted transmitters, ushering in a new era in industrial temperature measurement. Inor is one of the few companies in the world that manufactures both signal transmitters and temperature sensors.


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DWN is committed to fully supporting our customers with excellent pre- and after-sales service and to guarantee the function of all our products by delivering high quality instruments. Returning equipment for servicing and repairs: If installed and operated in accordance with these operating instructions, your device will rarely present any problems.