OpTech™, the non-invasive system for package integrity and shelf-life studies

By: Luxcel Biosciences  05/12/2011

Luxcel, in partnership with the US based company Mocon, has just launched the OpTech™ system, a hand held unit that can read, without having to pierce the package, the oxygen content within a pack. The OpTech analyser will revolutionise the way packaged units are checked and quality controlled and provides the ideal, non-invasive, easy to use 'point and measure' system for a range of packaging applications including package integrity and shelf-life studies, transportation studies etc.

Improper oxygen composition in faulty packs can stimulate rapid deterioration of the product, reducing shelf-life and most significantly, posing considerable threat to the consumer. Therefore the development of cost effective methods for monitoring critical components and parameters within packaging is of paramount importance, to ensure high quality and safety of packed products entering the retail chain. 

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