By: Process Solutions  05/12/2011

Lean Training.   Training in all aspects of Lean Six Sigma.We can tailor each package to a relevant area for your needs and budget.

Six Sigma Calculations. If you cant measure something accurately its hard to know if you are improving a process. We can work with you to measure inputs or outputs to provide real data. eg we can measure a process and provide Takt Times, OEE(overall equipment efficiency) CpK and PPK values.MTBF and MTTR values.

Value Stream Mapping.  we can map your process and give exact % efficiency figures and show where waste is accumulating.

Process Improvements. We can work with you to help improve a Process by performing Doe's (design of experiment) on current Processes and Equipment we have in the past improved existing processes by reducing cycle time , lowering costs both fixed and variable and reducing scrap.

TPM (total Productive maintenance) Introduction.  By introducing TPM companies have seen the cost of Maintenance fall by 50%.With the introduction of TPM an increase in available production time always follows.

Line Transfers. Where you are moving one Machine or an entire Process we can provide a Turnkey Solution.

Thermal Imaging Surveys.

Jig & Fixture design/Manufacture. 

Energy Consumption Survey.