Protecting privacy in an uncertain world

By: Eisfor  05/12/2011
Keywords: Private Telephone


The products in the Eisfor portfolio are designed to be used as a pair so that two customers can communicate in full privacy across a public telephone network.

Eisfor specialises in providing embedded solutions for encrypted voice communications over all public telecommunications networks including fixed line, mobile and satellite networks. Our products are different in that they offer customers the opportunity to hold a private telephone conversation using whatever network technology is available to them at the time.

Our initial product is the QnMP3 which is designed to provide you with one device that can keep all your private telephones what you want them to be – private.  A headset with integrated microphone connected to the QnMP3 allows you to communicate as you would with a Bluetooth headset to a GSM phone.  The difference with the QnMP3 is that you can encrypt your telephone conversation so that anybody listening in to the telephone call will not be able to eavesdrop. 

While a normal Bluetooth headset can only be used with a mobile phone, the QnMP3 can also use a Bluetooth modem to make an encrypted call over the public fixed line network or connect via a Bluetooth enable satellite phone to make a secure call over a satellite network.  The device can also be used with CDMA phones with Bluetooth support and in future it will also be capable of making a secure call over the Internet.

Two QnMP3 devices, one at either end, are required to make an encrypted call over a public network.  Because the encryption/decryption occurs within the device, privacy is assured end-end irrespective of whatever network is used to carry the telephone call.

Our market research told us that customers were looking for a small, lightweight and discrete device which would protect their telephone calls whenever and wherever they needed to hold a telephone conversation.  At just 90g and about the size of a typical audio player, the QnMP3 is certainly discrete and ultra-mobile.

 The QnMP3 has a number of security measures to protect against intrusion into the device via the Bluetooth link.  Please note that the QnMP3 encrypts a voice call internally and therefore your call is encrypted over all external connections including the Bluetooth link.

Our engineers were given a simple but challenging brief – create a highly secure product which can be used almost anywhere that is no more difficult to use than a standard mobile phone.  As a result encryption happens automatically, Bluetooth technology wirelessly connects to a network device of your choice and you make telephone calls as normal.

Keywords: Private Telephone