By: Ces Consultants  05/12/2011
Keywords: architects, architectural design, Architectural Design Projects

At Corcoran Engineers & Architects, we start our architectural design projects with a rigorous analysis of the site. We explore the surrounding environment and the client’s requirements. This ensures that our response to the task and the site is one that always meets and often exceeds expectations in terms of function, beauty and the environment created. Adding value through design solutions is key to the success of any project.

Our philosophy is centered on the idea that good design and architecture can improve people’s quality of life, not only for those that live and work in developments but also for those that live nearby or merely visit. This philosophy is illustrated by the number of Corcoran Engineers and Architects designed schemes within this website as examples of good design practice.Corcoran Engineers & Architects recognise that the design, construction and management of buildings has a significant effect on the local and global environment. Environmental issues, including climate change through carbon emissions, pollution and resource depletion are considered at each stage of the design to ensure sustainable development. As part of our original concepts, we endeavour to incorporate sustainable measures into the design and fabric of our buildings and landscape.

Keywords: architects, architectural design, Architectural Design Projects, Rigorous Analysis