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By: The Forte Institute  05/12/2011
Keywords: team building, Productivity

The Forté Curriculum

Team Building
Scheduled approximately 30 days apart, these one-day interactive seminars take your teams through:

Team Building I
Identifying their individual strengths.

The intent of Team Building I is to introduce each individual’s Forté profile and individual strengths to each team member, then demonstrate these strengths to the entire team as step one in setting up effective interpersonal understandings/communications. Exercises heighten awareness regarding the unique differences between each team member and create a better understanding of how each team member approaches challenges in a different manner.

Team Building II
Understanding the team's composite strengths.

Team Building II reviews the team composite overview information from Team Building I and updates the current adapting information. This team building session covers specific guidelines for constructive feedback to one another, how an individual’s Forté self-motivation information serves as the foundation for building mutual respect among team members, and essentially sets the stage for future team building sessions.

In Team Building II, the central focus is establishing the team code of ethics.. a set of ethics from which team members will begin a new level of interrelating with one another. Another way of saying it is setting up the structure for team members to Walk the Talk.

Team Building III
Problem solving.

Forté Team Building III is designed to help the team establish a system which will allow them to approach problem solving in a scientific or practical manner. The techniques learned in TBIII will facilitate the process of finding solutions the team can take ownership of and implement.

The ultimate focus of TBIII is to teach problem solving and the process of fishboning decisions so that all team members have equal input to the decision process.

Team Building IV
Empowerment and ongoing human process and productivity improvement.

Forté Team Building IV consists of numerous group and individual activities to assist team members in taking ownership of their responsibilities to the team, as well as helping them FEEL empowered. TBIV encourages employees to be flexible in thought and action, fostering open communications and shared values between managers and team members.

Empowerment brings reality to the team building process…from the viewpoint that each person is responsible for their actions/requests. We define accountability, measurement and how we move to higher levels by achieving solid goals, building competent teams along the way.

Communicating to Hire
A complete hiring system to improve retention and productivity by hiring the right person the first time.

Executive Communication
An intense, four-hour program presented prior to major meetings to enhance and expedite the long-term strategy and planning processes.

Performance Coaching
Designed for all levels of an organization to teach coaching and support practices that result in higher levels of consistent, productive, personal and interpersonal performance. This advanced program provides the infrastructure for 30-day individual and/or team administered updates to maintain these new standards of performance.

Interpersonal Strategic Planning and/or Executive Coaching
Designed to focus on career dynamics through a process of matching individual and organizational needs. Provides each individual with the responsibility of managing their own career development plan. The organization's role is support. Learn how to follow a process that will assure the best possible managers and talent available to meet the challenges facing your organization's teams and individuals, both now and in the future.
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Keywords: Productivity, team building

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