Flowmeter Systems - Services

By: Flowmeter  05/12/2011

  • Accredited in-house liquid flow meter calibrations from 0.2 kg/min to 1750 kg/min - 0.2 lts/min to 1750 lts/min.
  • Accredited on-site liquid flow meter calibrations from 0.2kg/min to 733.2 kg/min.
  • Traceable gas flow meter calibration.
  • Hire of portable calibration skids for liquid and gases.
  • Collection and return of customer flow meters.
  • 24 hour calibration service available on request.

  • Flowmeter Systems provide on-site commissioning and measurement validation services
    with complete traceable documentation to comply with FDA and other regulatory bodies.

Design & Construction
  • Design and construction of calibration skids for liquid and gas.

Rig Hire
  • Skids (liquid) ranging from 0.2 kg/min to 733.2 kg/min - 0.2 lts/min to 733.2 lts/min.
  • Gas skids ranging from (depending on gas type) 0.005 ln/min to 5160.0 ln/min.
  • Ultrasonic portable flow rig for non-intrusive calibrations.

Verification of Truck Mounted Metering Systems for Milk
  • Flowmeter Systems has been awarded an authorisation by the NSAI under Section 12 of the Legal Metrology Act 1996 to undertake verification of truck mounted metering systems for milk.