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By: Reuse It  05/12/2011
Keywords: Recycling, asset valuation, Waste Audit

Asset Recovery, Electronics Recycling and Disposal Solutions

Reuse IT provides solutions to corporations, leasing companies, educational centers, and organizations. We enable you to receive maximum value and return, and minimize risk associate with improper disposal of your surplus technological assets.

Asset Valuation

Our experience, background and resources allow us to prepare complete appraisal reports of value to estimate the market value of various categories of technological equipment including, but not limited to, computers, office, audio visual, electronic test, scientific, medical, and other equipment.

Auction Sale Program

Reuse IT can organize and hold either an on site sale directly from your facility or move your equipment to an off site location for auction local or online-based auction. The auction sale program is designed to maximize sales revenue in the shortest period of time.

Waste Audit

Reuse IT can help you to locate usable overstock or surplus and advice recondition, refurbishing or recycling service.

Sourcing Assistance

Reuse IT has extensive contacts in many technology industries and can source used computers for government centers and also hard-to-find equipment for industries -saving you time, resources and money.

Reuse and Recycling

Reuse IT provides computer and equipment de-installation, security data wiping, tear down, and recycling solutions. Local customers may bring surplus equipment to our warehouse during our regular business hours Monday - Friday from 9 am to 5pm.

For large volume drop-offs, please make an appointment first by calling: 0857204134

Logistic and Transportation

Reuse IT manages the de-installation, handling, processing and shipping of equipment to our facilities or directly to the purchaser from your facility. By working with Reuse IT you can avoid the costs associated with the handling and re-handling your surplus technological assets.

Repair Service

Our technicians can perform complete diagnostics checks using the latest technology, and repair equipment as necessary to enhance value to the equipment. Depending upon the condition of the equipment and cost of repair or upgrade the equipment is: refurbished, sold "as is", torn down for parts value, or recycled.

Keywords: asset valuation, electronics recycling, Recycling, Waste Audit