Data Improvement Process - 1Spatial

By: 1spatial  05/12/2011

Data Improvement Process

Data quality is an essential part of our everyday work, but it is often not given the recognition and the importance it deserves. At 1Spatial we strongly believe that data quality is the key to success if your support systems are to deliver their intended functionality.

Starting the process isn’t easy: how do you communicate your business case, understand what you need, analyse all the data you have and ascertain its value? We can help by providing:

  • Simple advice on where to start and helping you carve out a data quality mission statement with continually refined goals
  • An analysis of your data and business rules helping you prioritise where the best return can be achieved
  • Reports that identify the risks, put forward recommendations and work towards determining and achieving your future requirements

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1Spatial solutions - helping organisations achieve trusted location information

These solutions come packaged with the right functionality so they require less customisation, shorter implementation times and few resources to maintain. 1Spatial's proven and trusted technologies are delivered as integrated and easy-to-use solutions that are uniquely aligned with your business strategies. Have confidence that the best in the industry are implementing the best technology in the best way for your business.


1Spatial Services -Supporting your location-based information needs

Courses are aimed at a wide audience, including technical staff responsible for the installation, configuration and administration of the 1Spatial technology as well as the end users that will actually use the solution on a daily basis. The support team works closely with the 1Spatial software development team and is perfectly positioned to help customers to get the most from their 1Spatial solutions.


1Spatial Generalisation - the solution that creates new data from a single source of truth

The Generalisation Solution is designed for National Mapping Agencies, Commercial Mapping Agencies and any data providers that require an efficient, flexible and adaptive approach to data management, map product generation and distribution. 1Spatial's high performance software components are integrated into an operational solution underpinned by robust data management and user-defined quality control.


Achieve your data quality goals through Socium's new Online Validation Service

Socium's first offering, the Online Validation Service, has been designed to make data quality accessible to everyone by providing an easy to use, zero cost of ownership, independent data validation solution enabling organisations to have real confidence in sharing and utilising their data to underpin their business.