Achieve your data quality goals through Socium's new Online Validation Service

By: 1spatial  05/12/2011

Achieve your data quality goals through Socium's new "Online Validation Service"

Socium Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of 1Spatial Holdings Plc. set up to take forward the new Online Validation Service and management services in the cloud. Socium's first offering, the Online Validation Service, has been designed to make data quality accessible to everyone by providing an easy to use, zero cost of ownership, independent data validation solution enabling organisations to have real confidence in sharing and utilising their data to underpin their business.

What is it?
The Online Validation Service is an easy to use, cloud based data certification service that allows you to validate your data against a set of quality conformance rules.

Who is it for?
Any organisation that wants to ensure it is utilising and sharing data that is fit for purpose, quality assured and certified.

Why Use it?
The Service will enable you to have ‘Gold Standard’ data, meeting legislative or operational guidelines thus ensuring effective decision making and giving you confidence to share your data with others. All this but without any cost of ownership of technology.

How does it work?
The Online Validation Service offers you a simple and easy to use way of validating your data against a set of standard or user-defined business rules. Any features that do not conform to the business rules are identified and provided to you to load into your existing applications for visualisation and correction. In the words of our customers, it provides the mechanism of finding the needles in a haystack in a matter of seconds. All achievable in four easy steps:

Step 1
Login & Upload Data
Using your unique user name and password, log into the secure Online Validation Service, select the data file you wish to upload and validate.

Step 2
Rule Selection
Select the rules you wish to validate your data against and hit the 'validate' button!

Step 3
Report Generation
In a matter of seconds the results are ready for you to view in the summary overview and download to your local drive.

Step 4
Local Feature Visualisation

Simply open the downloaded file in your local application to view the highlighted features that need attention and immediately address them.

It really is as simple as that and enables you to receive quantifiable results in minutes instead of months.

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