Solar Without Frontiers » Solar Lights

By: Solar Without Frontiers  05/12/2011

Solar Without Frontiers » Solar Lights

Solar Torch

The solar torch is the smallest light we provide, but also very powerful. It is very portable, perfect for carrying on dark nights, checking on livestock or using around the house at night. It is also very useful for cooking, reading or writing, its powerful LED gives a very bright reading light.

It comes with a panel, framed in sturdy plastic, optimal for traveling people and nomads.

It is light, but yet robust to bumps and scratches, is easy to operate  and can be slipped into any pocket or bag or simply carried.

This solar torch is a handy little light, which is very portable, but still gives enough light to do all mobile tasks, while also providing good spot light for reading and writing.

It can be held, stood or hung.

· Small, but handy

· Ideal for traveling

· Robust plastic coating around lamp and panel

· Very bright single LED, 50 –80 lumen

· Set consisting of panel with cable, lamp and rechargeable batteries, as well as instruction leaflet

Donate One Now – 10 Euro Donates one Torch

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Solar Without Frontiers » News

We reached Hanga on the afternoon of 9th March 2011 and our first tasks were to assess if the equipment had arrived safely from Germany and to choose locations for the PV array, battery bank, charge controller and inverter. John O’Callaghan approached Solar Without Frontiers last year to ask for advice and support for a solar project as a solution to the ongoing lack and instability of power at the educational facilities of the Abbey.


Solar Without Frontiers » Solar Cookers

The one thing, they have in common, is that they are able to concentrate the sunlight onto one spot, where the pot sits and heat this spot so that food is cooked, water is boiled and bread is baked. A cardboard solar cooker is one of the cheapest things to manufacture, but with a massive benefit on people’s lives. Many women and children often have to stray far into the bush to collect firewood.


Solar Without Frontiers » Solar Pumping Systems

A combination of panels and pump is a reliable source of water without fuel dependency, high maintenance costs and frequent breakdowns. In order to pump a continuous supply of water, high efficiency PV panels are delivering the necessary power output. Pumping systems can bring big savings to communities in terms of low maintenance and zero fuel consumption.


Solar Without Frontiers » Solar Thermal Systems

A solar thermal system can provide hot water for cooking and cleaning and washing in many institutions, like canteens, schools and care institutions, hospitals and medical dispensaries, communal washing facilities, businesses and hotels. The solar radiation is converted into heat by the absorber inside the solar panel and then transported to the heat exchanger at the bottom of the solar cylinder.


Solar Without Frontiers » Welcome

We want to make a commitment to developing countries to introduce more solar technologies to improve lives. We will introduce new business opportunities for locals in those countries involving solar applications. Give a chance for every family to take advantage of solar applications. We will bring educational and business opportunities into communities.