By: Ship  05/12/2011


Multilayers with  buried vias and blind drilled or laser vias.
Impedance control. Minimum track gap in production typically down to 4 mil.
Materials include FR4 with different TG's,  BT epoxy, PTFE, Polyimide, Aluminium backed, Ceramic.
Types include Rigid, Flexible and Rigi-Flex pcb's.
Finishes include HASL lead free and not,. Enig, Immersion gold, Flash gold, pure gold for wire bonding.
We can also supply pcb's with filled vias and  with plated holes cut in half at pcb edges.
UL, ISO and TS  approvals.
If you require something else, please ask; if we can't supply the pcb you want, it may not be possible to make.