Airman Mini Excavators

Airman Mini Excavators from Lynch & McCarthy Ltd

By: Lynch & McCarthy Ltd  15/03/2011
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 Airman Mini-Excavators

The Airman range are our new operator and environmentally friendly Zero tail-swing Mini Excavators, which offer improved serviceability and safety, in addition to the regular basic operations including digging, loading and levelling.

Check out just some these key features of the Airman range of Mini Excavators:

- Zero-tail swing design enables the operator to work without worrying about the rear, thereby improving the efficiency of work.
- In the smaller models,when passing through a narrow pathway or gate on the way to the job site, the machine width can be contracted (AX10u: 780mm, AX17u: 980mm). The machine width can be extended (AX10u: 1000mm, AX17u: 1280mm) during operation to ensure stability. The crawler can be extended or contracted according to the situation.

- Depending upon the model, the Airman models carry some or all of these key safety features
- The machine is equipped with a Pilot-Control Shut-Off Lever with which all hydraulic operations can be shut off, thereby preventing unwanted operation.
- The machine's engine can only be started when the Pilot-Control Shut-Off lever is in the neutral position, to avoid any risk of unwanted operation.
- The cabin and canopy both meet the latest ROPS / FOPS regulation.
- Enlarged counterweight to increase the stability of the machine (optional)
- The operator can use the lock lever to lock the levers for boom, swing and travel operation, thereby preventing improper operation.
- The machine utilizes a mechanism for starting the engine in neutral with the lock lever in the locked position.

- Highly reduced inspection and maintenance time due to the cabin floor that can be tilted forward for easy access to the machines main components, and the use of an upsliding engine cover and side cover.
- The machine is equipped with a single enlarged swing post pin to eliminate jerking.
- Front hoses are stored in the arm to protect them from damage. Articulated hose is used to make it easy to replace if it is damaged.
- A fully openable engine cover has been utilised.

- Use of the hydraulic pilot makes for smooth and light operation.
- The machines are equipped with a large cabin and ergonomical designed consoles to improve operators comfort.
- The cabin door is foldable to allow easy entrance to the cabin and to reduce the projection out of the swing circle.

Keywords: construction equipment