By: Hanley Calibration  05/12/2011
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Hanley Calibration Services based in Cork and Dublin, Ireland, provides Calibration and Commissioning services to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device industries.

HCS provide both an 'on site' and 'in house' traceable calibration service to national standards.

Using our comprehensive range of certified test equipment, our technicians will visit your plant and calibrate your instruments in accordance with the calibration programme set out. Calibrations are carried out using HCS standard operating procedures and certificates (unless required to follow an 'in house' customer system).

Having been in the business since 1992, we have developed a vast amount of experience in this field and our staff are more than willing to advise on any issues relating to calibration on your site.


Transmitters, gauges, thermometers, hand-held indicators, switches. Measurement capability: -25 to +500degC

Transmitters, gauges, switches, hydrostatic level, relief valves. Measurement capability: 1Pa to 700Bar

(Liquids) flowmeters- mass, magnetic, PD, vortex, orifice plate, variable area, turbine Measurement capability: 20 to 350litres/min using water 50 to 250litres/min using oil

Weigh systems, platform weighers, laboratory balances, check weighers Measurement capability: OIML class M1 and F1 weights

ph, Conductivity, Resistivity and Redox monitoring and controlling systems Measurement capability: 0 to 14pH, 1 to 500,000 microsiemens, 124 to 650mV redox

Transmitters, hand held indicators. Measurement capability: 5 to 100%rH

Vessel agitators, Variable speed pumps, timing devices Measurement capability:10 to 100,000rpm.

Time: Timing devices
Measurement capability: greater than 2seconds

Mechanical measurement:
Vernier calipers, micrometers Measurement capability: 0 to 300mm

Calibration and Maintenance contracts:

HCS have set up a number of Calibration & Maintenance contracts with clients. These contracts are based on a fixed price per calibration to allow for easy budgeting. Each contract is designed to suit the needs of the client, taking into account production downtime, frequencies, tolerances, accuracies etc. They are flexible to allow ongoing changes in terms of workscope and often involve regular update and assessment meetings.

Hire of technical personnel. In recent times a number of clients have moved from in-house calibration and maintenance to outsourcing these functions, allowing them time to focus on their core skills.

HCS currently have instrument technicians and instrument engineers on short and long term hire to a number of high profile pharmaceutical and biotec sites.

HCS have been involved in a number of commissioning projects from initial start up to hand over stage. This has involved the installation, set up and calibration of instrumentation on a wide variety of different processes.

Activities include:

  • Documentation generation
  • Documentation verification
  • Installation Qualification
  • Pre-qualification operational testing
  • Performance qualification
  • Commissioning and Start-Up team management.

Instrument assessment

(Criticality, Accuracy, Frequency) HCS provide a consultation service to access the classification of instrumentation in terms of criticality. This involves the determination of accuracies and frequencies as well as a rational backup.

Generation of SOP's.

Writing standard operating procedures for maintenance and calibration operations. These are normally written on the customer site and involve the input and cooperation of the personnel carrying out the intended procedures

Calibration system setup and implementation.

Set up of calibration management system involving the generation of instrument lists, files, tagging and reminder systems. Implementing and the provision of training on these systems.

HCS provides a temperature mapping service for the purpose of profiling an item or area over a specified time period. Using CFR compliant software recording systems, we can provide a complete report package satisfying regulatory requirements for IQ, PQ and general validation requirements. Where required we can write the protocol necessary to carry out the tests.

  • Warehouses
  • Cold Rooms
  • Sterilisers
  • Autoclaves
  • Waterbaths
  • Fridges / Freezers
  • Ovens / Incubators

Accredited Allen Bradley/ Rockwell PLC Training Courses

For further information on Rockwell Training Courses please go to:

Siemens PLC S5 and S7

Instrumentation workshops

Two day appreciation of instrumentation course

  • Electric circuitry
  • Temperature/Pressure
  • Flow/Fuel
  • pH and Conductivity

ATEX Training

Training for manufacturing within hazardous areas

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