By: Vesta  05/12/2011

A Vesta Group we offer a diverse range of products and service for the construction and home improvements sectors.

The following is a comprehensive list of the products and services we offer.

Free Quotations

We offer a free consultation and quotation for all of our products. If you have any queries about our products or are just interested in finding out more don't hesitate to contact us.

Other products and services from Vesta



However, typically theaddition of a sun room results in year round usage be it as a dining area, lounge area, play area for the kids or just a place to relax and read the newspaper in theevenings. When choosing a Vesta Sun room you can be guaranteed of the highest standard of finish, a complete package from start to finish that includes all ground works, construction, plumbing and wiring.



The windows can even be matched to the interior design with the choice of white, woodgrain or colour options on the inside with a colour, woodgrain or white on the outside, there are 18 colours to choose from. Modern vertical slider windows have the appearance of traditional housing whilst having all the benefits of today's modern security features and thermal insulation.


Underfloor Heating

The hot water transfers heat to the metal part of the radiator which in turn transfers heat to the air immediately around the radiator. The main disadvantage is the time required to heat the slab which can take anything up to two hours to heat the slab. These are typically installed in the concrete floor slab by laying a series of pipes before the floor is poured.


Special Projects

Bridging Old and New:In this architecturally designed home, an existing cottage was extended by constructing an entirely new “wing” to the house. Another special roof: This octagonal shaped roof was provided for a customer whose requirements were constrained by diameter and height. This corridor was bridged by using a Vesta Roof, providing a light airy corridor between the old and new parts of the house.


Rainwater Harvesting

There are a number of things consumers can do to reduce their intake of mains water: Did you know that in excess of 50% of a households water consumption either litterly flushed down the toilet. Given the current economic climate and the Governments need to "widen our tax base" we feel it is only a matter of time before each household will face a domestic water charge.


Conservatory Rejuvenation

These tended to be too hot in good warm weather and too cold in winter time, which leaves you with a room you don't use for most of the year. At Vesta we have experience at giving your old conservatory a complete overhaul. Vesta has a uniquie abilaty to rejuvenate your old conservatory into a new room.