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Kitchen Plans  The Independent Kitchen Design And Advice Service from Kitchen Plans, Independent Kitchen Design Consultancy

By: Kitchen Plans, Independent Kitchen Design Consultancy  25/10/2010
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The kitchen is considered now as the most important room in the house & it is certainly the room that will use up a considerable part of your budget in any new build project. Yet many people when building a new home or extending an existing property do not give much consideration to the kitchen until the structure is in place. I have seen countless times when people came to me to plan a kitchen that they were often dissapointed with what could be achieved with the space. Often something as simple as moving a door or window could have made all the difference to achieving a far better layout, but as the structure had been built it was either expensive or impossible to make those changes.
Built on over 15 years exprience on designing & installing kitchens Kitchen Plans is an independent kitchen design service. I will plan & design your kitchen the way you want it. The time to think about your kitchen if you are building is when you have got planning approval from the local authority. From your builders plan & a list of what you would like to see in your kitchen we will design your kitchen for you. When an initial draft is prepared I will arrange to meet with you to review it. You can now see in full 3d colour what the finished room will look like. If you want to consider structural changes now to achieve a better layout it is simply a matter of having them factored into the builders plan & save any unnecessary expense. When you have approved the design of the kitchen I can then prepare percise service layouts to suit the layout. this will show the following
1. Exact sizes & positions of windows & doors if they were moved to suit the layout.
2. Positions of electrical & plumbing points
3. Positions for underfloor heating (if it is being installed)
4. Positions of radiators
5. Island units & any services required
6. Positions of ducting for extractor hoods & positions of vent hole.
Now everybody working on the project knows exactly what is happening from the start & this will avoid  unexpected invoices for extras later on. I can also provide you with full plans & a list of all the components required to buy the kitchen. This can then be taken to any kitchen retailer to get like for like quotations. You should also be able to negotiate a very good deal as you have all the design work done already for them.
A kitchen is probably one of the biggest buys you will make in your lifetime so advance planning is vital to having the kitchen of your dreams. I will provide you with a kitchen design that will be functional, safe to work in & will be the centre point of your home. As I am not trying to sell you a kitchen I will design what you want & not what some salesman wants to sell you. The benefits of using an independent kitchen design service is that you have all the information required for the contractors before any building starts. You have your kitchen design to go shopping for the best deal for a kitchen without having to spend countless hours going from showroom to showroom having endless plans drawn. Most kitchen companies would only give out this information to you anyway on payment of a deposit to book them for the kitchen As you are maybe 1 to 2 years away from actually having the kitchen installed you dont really need to commit to any kitchen company until you are at the plastering stage internally. Most quality kitchen companies will require a six to eight week lead time to produce your kitchen & that is time enough to be committing to deposits on the kitchen. If you think I can be of benefit to you please give me a call or drop me an EMail & I would be delighted to discuss it further with you

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