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By: Kitchen Plans, Independent Kitchen Design Consultancy  01/12/2010
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At long last the planning permission has come through & you are ready to go. Maybe you were lucky & got it granted on the first application or maybe you had to alter the plans a few times to suit, whatever way you can now start to build. Yet many people start to build without giving any thought to the layout of the inside of the house. This can be a big mistake when you eventually do start to think about layouts for your kitchen, utility, bathroom, bedrooms & walk in wardrobes. In over 15 years of planning & designing kitchens we have been asked to create kitchens with various features like overmantles, american fridges & hobs or sinks on islands & often some or all of these features were not able to work into the design because no thought had been given until the struture was in place.
The time to think about kitchen & other room layouts is before any work starts on site. This will allow you to explore making structural changes to the internal layout while everything is still on paper if you feel it is necessary. Maybe something as simple as moving a door or resizing a window could make a huge difference to the overall kitchen layout.
Hiring an independent kitchen designer will save you money, time & endless stress down the line. An independent kitchen designer will listen to your requirements & plan what you want, not what a salesperson wants to sell you. The kitchen is the most important room in the house & fitting this out is a long term investment on your part. It is likely now that a kitchen fitted with granite worktops & good quality appliances will be expected to last 20 years & more. The days of putting in kitchens & changing them after a few years are long gone. With the trend towards painted kitchens you can create a whole new look in time by repainting.
Moving doors or windows or maybe even removing a wall altogether will make a difference to the layout, but remember that every wall has 2 sides, so how will moving that door or window impact on the next room or on the outside of the house? Being able to sit down with an independent kitchen designer & seeing the whole room in full 3D colour will help you make these decisions. You will also have at the end of the process all your service points sorted out also.
Many kitchen companies do have kitchen design services, but most of these will be done by kitchen sales designers who will have never have seen or been involved in the installation  of the kitchen. Of the few that have experienced designers it is highly unlikely that they will afford you the significant time that would be involved in all this planning unless you have committed a deposit on the kitchen. Hiring an independent kitchen designer has many advantages to you & the main & most important one is that they will not be trying to sell you a kitchen so they will be able to plan the kitchen that you want. They will have an extensive knowledge of what types of kitchen are avaiable & where to get well. They will be able also to work with your budget so always be upfront about this from the start. Knowing your budget will help them to avoid either under or over designing the project.
In fact many kitchen companies will credit you some or all of their fees from their kitchen in respect of the design work already done when you place an order with them for the kitchen.

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