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By: Versacchi   07/11/2009
Keywords: hair extensions, Hair Loss, hair products

Face it: You’re looking at this page because you are probably fed up with your current hair replacement choice.

 Perhaps you are now wearing a hairpiece, or a wig, or have even gone for those expensive and painful “hair system” procedure therapies – and become sorely disappointed with the results.


At Versacchi, we know what losing your hair means. Loss of self-image, loss of confidence – even loss of business or social opportunities

And putting up with ill-fitting, itchy inferior substitutes does not help make matters much better.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! There’ is this leading edge process that puts back what nature took. It’s called CTR - Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction.

Keywords: hair extensions, Hair Loss, hair products, Hair Replacement, hair transplant