environ skin care range and facials

By: premier laser clinic  21/04/2010
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The cornerstone of Environ treatments is vitamin A. extensive medical

research has shown that vitamin A has a corrective effect on the skin,

smoothing it and protecting it from the effects of ultraviolet radiation

and free radicals. its most important activity is to normalise the skin.

It promotes the production of health collagen and elastin and improves

the skins natural moisture, leading to healthy, younger looking skin.

Environ has created a skin care range that is now suitable for people of

all ages and are realistically priced so they remain accessible to all


A results driven treatment which focuses on the use of the freshest and

most active forms of Vitamins A and C. The vitamins are dispersed into

the deeper layers of skin where they work to hydrate, stimulate and

normalise skin cells. The treatment is tailored to each individuals specific

skin type and condition.

This is determined by the unique products chosen for each treatment. It is

suitable for all skin types including:

Photo-damaged skins (wrinkles)

Dry skins

Young Skins



This treatment can be done as an intensive course for specific conditions

where 12 to 24 treatments are recommended (once or twice a week) or it

can be done as a monthly maintenance treatment.


A treatment specifically designed for problem skins using mild forms of

lactic acid which work to:

control and remove the build up of dead cells on the surface of the skin

reduce any inflammation

destroy bacteria

hydrate the skin

A course of 6 is recommended – one per week.

* Environ Facials are not available until the end of November 2009

Keywords: beauty, beauty salon, Beauty Services, Beauty Treatment, facials